University of California Berkeley: November 2009 Strike

A short film about a campaign which took place on campus at UC Berkeley in November 2009. Note the increasing number of supporters outside the Wheeler Hall occupation, which rapidly became a flashpoint in the resistance to a 32% fee increase and staff cuts.

“On the evening of November 18th 2009 the regents of the University of California voted to raise undergraduate tuition to more than $10,000 per year, a 32 percent increase. There was also the announcement of massive layoffs and furloughing. From November 18-20, the students, faculty, and workers of the University of California at Berkeley striked, marched, and occupied buildings throughout the campus. People collected garbage and piled it in front of California Hall. Students and demonstrators battled police lines to attempt to enter the administration building. Average college students quickly became militants. Graduate students laid down books and hit the streets. Union members, students, and activists joined together in struggle. General assemblies became part of everyday campus life. Police and campus administrators lost control of the situation and the media looked on in awe.”

For more information on the 2009 Californian Occupation movement, check out After The Fall: Communiques From Occupied California over on our Reading page


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