Scandal at Victoria University!

Dear EduFactory attendees,

There are rogue elements are among us.

Not long ago, the EduFactory organisers received an urgent message from the facilities department of Victoria University (VU) drawing our attention to the activities of some unknown trouble-makers on their Footscray campus. Apparently, an inconsiderate rabble with which we have no affiliation has been vandalising the university with our posters! 

This is terrible news, considering that once a recently announced $30 million budget cut has gutted the final entrails of VU, immaculate buildings are all that will maintain its pretences as an institution even remotely more concerned for the education of students than their insertion into the workplace.

In any case, we thought it necessary to draw this to your attention as swiftly as possible lest the perpetrators continue their clag-crazed attacks. So beware! If you see anyone suspicious lurking about your campus with posters, glue, or a critique of the capitalist university, be sure to contact the police IMMEDIATELY.

If you’re out there, graffiti ‘artists’ of Victoria University, this is a warning: stop your childish games and let the poor cleaners get back to scrubbing bourgeois shit off university management toilets.

You people are sick.


The EduFactory organisers

Please see the original message of distress here:


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